Why do I need the Flic buttons?

Only with the Flic buttons can you use the main function of the application: remote counting!

The functionalities:

  • Click Each click will add a point
  • HOLDING will restore the previous score

How to assign Flic button?

On the screen "Game setting" you would click on the picture of Flic button. The Flic app will be opened. There you can easily choose your button and confirm by "Done". At this moment, you have assigned button to your device. For assigned second button, please, repeate whole process.

I don't have Flic app, how to get it?

Flic app is for free to download in App Store and Google Play.

You can assign buttons in a few steps in Flic app

  • After you unpack the Flic you should check functionality. Push the button and you will see pulse red light.
  • Open Flic app.
  • Log in or create new account.
  • Connect your Flic by following the instructions in the app.

For other details, you can check Flic.io or How to start

What is PIN used for?

The PIN is used to prove your identity in Sporticrowd, and you do not even have to have on you a mobile with the application. For the game, it is enough if your partner has it: they set up the game, and you only enter your PIN to validate yourself.

What is the QR code and where can I find it?

For example, instead of choosing a rival and entering their PIN, you can simply scan the QR code from their application. No further confirmations are needed. Clicking on the avatar on the main page displays the account detail. By swiping the avatar, you will display your identification QR code.

iOS only

What is the voice name?

Voice name is used by the voice score function, e.g. “Petr serving”. It can differ from the nick, which is public. The function can work in several modes you can choose in application settings. You can change the sound mode during the game in the score menu.

Android :To use the voice score, you must have text to speech activated in phone settings/ language and input.

How does the skill level system work?

You get a point for each set won, and the total value determines your skill level in each sport. You can go from a beginner to the Gold Master degree. The skill level of other players is shown when you choose a partner so you know how strong they are. You can see your skill level in detail in the statistics for each sport.

How to share the game progress with the others?

When setting the parameters of the game or even during the game, you can switch on score sharing. The application will generate a PIN which you will give the people who you want to share your progress with.

The game can be watched in Sporticrowd application after choosing “watch game”, or on score.sporticrowd.com The generated PIN code must be entered in both cases, or it can be scanned in the application as the QR code. The score is displayed in real time (on an unlimited number of devices at the same time). This function is best used during a game - each player monitors the score on their devices, one of which is the main one which tracks and sends the score, while the other serves as a receiver and displays it.

Do you plan to support other sports?

If you know a sport to which our system could be applied, do not hesitate to write us.
If there are numerous requests, we will be happy to add your sport.




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